Rewards for Palette Ambassadors

By being an ambassador, you invest time and energy in helping us grow the number of Palette customers. This program enables us to give something back to you and your organization. Have a look at the different rewards below and contact us on if you have any questions!

Please note that all rewards will be sent to your office or used by your organization.

10 points value

Select a company gift from this list:

  • Chocolate box
  • Gift cards, value approx. 1 000 SEK
  • 10 cinema tickets

25 points value

  • Three hours of training via Skype
    Training in a selected module in a specific area or more general, you choose.

  • Three hours of health check via Skype
    We discuss and analyze how you work today to identify potential issues or lack of knowledge. We conclude by recommending changes to improve your process or setup of the system.

50 points value

  • One day training at your office with a solution specialist
    Could be training for new employees, new modules, optimization or whatever you choose to improve using PaletteArena. You can also choose one of our standard customer trainings at the Palette HQ office in Stockholm where you also get the opportunity to discuss usage of Palette with other customers.

  • One free delegate at the Swedish User Conference
    only applicable to customers who understand Swedish since the event is a Swedish speaking event


100 points value

  • Health Check
    One day workshop were we discuss and analyze how you work today to identify potential issues or lack of knowledge. We look into the system for optimization and adding of new features to improve your process and set up. Hands on changes on site to increase automation and quality.

    Many organizations change after go live and during the health check we make sure your system setup and competence is up to date and optimized for your operations. If needed we will recommend further steps performed by our professional service organization.

 200 points value

  • Pre-study E-purchasing
    We investigate the opportunities a standardized e-purchasing process would give to your organization. What would the project look like and how can you best prepare your organization for the change. We conclude by setting the expectations for an implementation and goals to strive for. Read more about this option

  • Spend Management Analysis
    We collect and group the supplier data in Palette. With the result you can identify potential savings and change of buying behavior for increased effectiveness and control of the process. A spend analysis is a very good complement to a pre-study for e-purchasing. Read more about this option

  • 20 000 SEK license discount
  • 20 000 SEK PS discount

How can I receive the reward?

Send an email to and let us know who you are, what company you work for and what reward you have chosen. We will contact you shortly to set the details for delivering it to you. Again, thank you for being a Palette Ambassador!